Meet Dr. Rodrigo

I love dentistry! My work combines the wonders of science, art, technology, design, colors, and planning. I feel so fortunate to have found something that I love to do, that is the key for success. On top of it all, I spend my days making my patients smile! There’s really nothing better than that!

Education and Experience

I come from a family of doctors: my dad and brother are ear nose and throat doctors and my youngest brother is a radiologist. Joining a field that helps people live longer, healthier lives was in my blood.

I like to reflect back to the place I grew up. The Universidad de los Andes is one of the most prestigious universities and the second oldest university in Venezuela. I graduated in 1998 with my degree in odontology and was ranked among the top ten students in my class. Later, in 2001, I was accepted for a residency program in periodontics at Universidad Central de Venezuela, where after graduation I established my practice and enjoyed working and teaching at the university for four years.

I was very happy with all my activities in Venezuela but life has a funny way of changing and in 2007, I moved to the United States to start a new exciting era in my life, for sure the most important, the one of forming and growing my own family. Dentistry has always been a big part of my life and it shows in all the dedication I have put in it over the years. Recently, I have obtained my Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Texas Health and Science Center at San Antonio, one of the top dental universities in the United States.

Outside the Office

I am originally from Venezuela and spent time living in California before moving here. I am so excited about practicing in San Antonio, our new home, where I live with my beautiful daughter Isabella, and our dog Tonka. When I have free time, I love gardening, interior design, and traveling.

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